Strong support from the entire THEROOMS.EU team.

Advertising on Facebook: Košice and Vranov, at our clients and on all THEROOMS.EU premises.

We will help you with:

  • creating the rooms, making them interesting and full of adrenaline
  • preparing your premises (what is appropriate equipment, what materials and brain teaser to use, etc.)
  • doing business (what type of business license do you need, when to report premises, etc.)
  • last but not least, we will advise you on how to communicate with legal authorities, such as:

City ​​Council (when and what to report), Public Health Authority (which hygienic requirements need to be fulfilled), Trades Licensing Office, Fire Inspectorate, and other government and non-government authorities, and therefore how to operate the premises without unnecessary fines and penalties

You can handle every advertisement with us.

The package also includes training:

Facebook marketing – how to advertise products effectively, what to focus on + presentation.

Photoshop – no need to having to pay for graphic designers and expensive advertising companies. We will teach you how to do posters, leaflets, internet advertising, etc. in this software. Fast, efficient and purposeful.

With us, you can handle all kinds of ads – we have experience with discount websites but also with “conventional” advertising.

You do not have to pay for a domain or hosting. You are using the www.therooms.eu page to create your own approach, depending on the city in which you open your room.

You do not even pay for creating a website that we will create.

You will also get a client database in the package.

You can start with us right now.

  • E-mail addresses database

  • Website

  • Facebook

  • Marketing

  • Legal aspect

  • construction consulting