70 minút

V časovom limite 70 minút zažijete neopakovateľný zážitok, na ktorý tak skoro nezabudnete.

Logické hádanky.

Množstvo logických hádaniek a úloh, ktoré vás vtiahnu do príbehu konkrétnej únikovej miestnosti.

Tímova hra.

Cieľom hry je spolupráca celého tímu, ideálne pre rodiny, kamarátov, kolegov či turistov.

What is an Escape Room?

So-called Escape Room which gives you a unique experience in a 70-minute time limit that you will never forget! Imagine that you are locked in the room, dependent only on your rational thinking and help from your friends. The objective of the Escape Room is to cooperate, search for indices, solve various brain teasers or interesting mindbenders and eventually escape from the room back to reality! Each escape room has its own unique story, translations, mechanisms and riddles.

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  • ISIC/ITIC 4€ skupina

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What did people say about us?

“TheRooms.eu is a network of the best and most sophisticated escape games. Strongly recommended. Great experience with them. 🙂 ”

Matej Pastor

“Therooms.eu is the best brand in Slovakia. It was an amazing experience, an incredibly sophisticated and a beautiful environment. ”

Fero Tóth

“Super sophisticated and great fun for a group of friends. Whether it is good friends, family or a teambuilding. Today we tried it. Incredible mindblenders, rebuses and riddles. I certainly recommend this to everyone, I am sure you have not experienced anything like this. Also very unique gift idea. ”

Tomáš Velebír

„I wish I could give this place even more stars! I have done 38 room escapes in different countries and this one just tops all of them by far. The effort that has gone into making these rooms is just out of this world! We did tuttankamon and pirates rooms because we ran out of time in Kosice, but we will be back asap and will do all others. To say it was brilliant would be an understatement.“

Marijana Wood

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