– By entering the game/room, players agree with Rules & conditions of use. Below is excerpt and translation of all important, but not full business terms and conditions, and important general game rules.

– Entry of players under the age of 12 is only possible with an adult supervisor who takes full responsibility for an underage person.

Jig-Saw room – entry is possible only for players 15+ years old.

– Children aged 6 and younger may enter for free.

– All rooms are not suitable for people with wheelchair and disabled persons.

– Each room is predominantly a backdrop (not a fixed space), therefore we ask players to behave in the way that they will not damage our space. It is forbidden to open anything with inadequate force, brake or damage anything. The organizer has the right to reclaim the damage in full value when the equipment or the props are obviously damaged. When improper behavior of the player, the organizer has the right to stop the game at any time without refunding the entry fee.

– It is enough to come just 5 minutes before the game. Please do not come late. The organizer reserves the right to shorten the playing time by as many minutes as the group is delayed in the case of late arrival. This is done in order not to damage upcoming groups and players.

– Preparation wise, we definitely recommend short sleeves, maybe something sporty, or jeans and a t-shirt. Game requires shoes without high heels.

– Games are not extremely physically hard.

– We would like to inform you in advance that a phone signal is not available on our premises on Alžbetina 41 (Košice) location.

– Since the Gamemaster has to focus on the game, it is not possible for others to stay in our premises (only after a telephone agreement and reservation)

– As we build our rooms with the highest degree of authenticity, we think it is important to familiarize you with some specifics such as increased dustiness, low or high temperature or humidity. Players must accept the given game conditions. Especially in the SAW Room, we recommend wearing old clothes (you may get dirty, tear you clothes, etc.). Games include specific game equipment (game coat, skirt, jewelry and accessories) that do not, however, fully provide protection of your clothes.

– Due to the slightly increased dustiness mentioned above, the activity is not recommended for asthmatics and strong allergists. If you are aware of these diagnoses, you play the game at your own risk and awareness.

– Due to the horror effects of the SAW game, we strongly do not recommend playing for mentally unstable persons, persons with pervasive phobias, psychiatric diagnoses, epileptics, or extremely sensitive people susceptible to strong panic attacks. Such people enter the premises at their own risk.

– No snakes or insects are intentionally inserted into our premises, however, accidental presence of insects is not excluded. Players must accept these game conditions.

– All rooms are at all times monitored by night vision cameras and microphones, and the game is stopped in any crisis situation.

– Game can be ended at any time with a loud call of the word “END”

– The Tutankhamun and SAW Rooms are not accessible to wheelchair people, people with crutches, etc. Please consider this before purchasing a ticket.

– Smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited in all premises.

– It is prohibited to make any audio or video records or photographs. This prohibition is valid in all THEROOMS.EU premises. In other case players will be fined 3000 EUR.

– In the event of any technical or operational problems, THEROOMS.EU has the right to cancel the game before it ends or during the game without giving any specific reasons. In the event that the game is cancelled without the fault of the participants, THEROOMS.EU will offer a substitute free-of-charge ticket to the participants or refund full amount of the ticket, although as in other cultural and social events, will not refund the transportation, accommodation or any other other costs not included in the ticket price.

– Each player agrees to enter the premises at their own risk.

– If you wish to make use the discount or use the coupon, it is necessary to announce it when making a reservation. Without a previous announcement, the coupon or discount on site is invalid.

– After the game, you can buy a coupon for another game as well as a souvenir of your choice.

– Please do not give people who have not played the game yet, the results, hints or solution of the game, you will ruin their fun experience

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